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Why Choose Goskipit?

The principals of Skip tracing, LLC have extensive experience skip tracing thousands of individuals and have developed a proprietary system for sifting through the data available, interpreting trends and ultimately locating the individual.


I believe we have mastered Skip Tracing at this level as long as you provide accurate owner name and property info we can skip trace leads offering as high as 90%+ hit rate. Up to 4 Wireless 4 Landline 2 Emails. Also, we skip Deceased Homeowner relatives for a more laser targeted skip trace you can close more deals with us that others don’t get to, at no added cost to you. We can also provide Motivated Seller Leads for you already Skipped.


We offer the first and most accurate LLC Skip Tracing in the entire Real Estate Wholesaling Market standard hit rate for the market is at 70% we try to reach 80-90%+ Which also gives us the ability to provide LLC Cash Buyers already Skipped! No one can compete with our quality of data as that is our main focus and pricing contact us for more info.


We tend to update our pricing frequently to beat the market standard. To see pricing please log in there are no hidden fees or monthly subscriptions. Prices are on a per lead basis and for any unsuccessful hits, you will receive a store credit. No one can compete with our quality of data as that is our main focus and pricing contact us for more info.

Our Process

Our Business Process.

Shaping your ideas to reality - together, we are a team!


Brainstorming the Plan

At Goskipit, excellence is our ultimate goal. We believe in reflecting brilliance right from the start – your plan is our execution!


The End Result

Be it helping you make your way through the skip tracing process or paving your path to get in touch with the right point of contact – we promise the end result!


Processing it all the way

Our highly qualified team promises an experience like no other. Right from the start, we focus on your process details and are ready to go an extra mile to build long-term customer relationships – we consider this our unique selling point!

People may default debts, sometimes willfully and sometimes due to genuine reasons. No matter what, if the lender can’t reach…

Skip trace, as you may know, is a debtor recovery method. It is used to trace and locate the whereabouts…

Locating someone might seem to you like a work of a detective; however, skip tracing is also one of the…

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