If you have plans to invest in real estate or acquire properties for expansion, you need someone to help find valuable information about your target properties. It’s not easy to find the details of property owners, especially if you don’t have access to credible online search tools. In situations like this, you may need the expertise of a tracing agent.

Importance of Skip Agents

Typically, you can meet professional tracing agents working at skip tracing service providers. A skip tracing service is a specialized field of service focusing on finding pertinent information about the properties you want to purchase or acquire. It’s also helpful in verifying the current status of any targeted property in terms of mortgage details, sales acquisition, and history of ownership and tax payment records. You need to verify sensitive information like these to avoid potential problems you may face in the future.

A skip agent contacts solicitors, businesses, and individuals who find people who are either missing or have not left any active contact details. Skip agents are not only looking for property owners but also people who are indebted or have abandoned legal responsibilities and family support. They use advanced search tools to access various public information sources, online directories, and client databases of various industries.

Skip agents have the ability to root out missing people you are trying to find using modern search tools. If you wish to conduct a prior search on your own, your access may be limited. But you can start with existing online white pages or social media before you consider skip tracing services.

For the search initiative to be successful or to speed up, you need to provide as many details as possible. To begin with, you may give the name, last known address or previous addresses, date of birth, and current employment details to the skip agent. The more information you’re able to give, the higher the chance a skip agent may be able to find it. If you need to verify the details of any property, supply the exact property address and relevant information about the owners.

Responsibilities of a Skip Agent

1. Sorting out

One of the most critical functions of skip agents is sorting out or filtering personal information based on the client’s requirement. How often should a skip agent conduct the search is also a valuable factor because the details of the person being searched can change at any given time. The length of time required to trace a specific person often depends on the validity of the information and how frequently these details are updated on various online platforms.

2. In-depth research

Skip agents are expected to conduct batch skip tracing to find valuable details quickly. They use high-tech tools to verify vital information, especially if the person being searched has a pending court case or existing history of a federal offense. Skip tracing service providers can help provide these pertinent details, including but not limited to:

· Lot acquisition (transfer or sales)

· Personal income tax information

· Mortgage or amortization records

· Property tax records

· Vehicle registration

· Company registration and proof of accreditation

· Social security information

· Healthcare history

· Involvement in a service contract or legal agreements

· Credit score of debt history

3. Real Estate Facilitation

Skip agents may contact property owners or promote services to solicit listings on property sales. Skip agents are also responsible for determining the authenticity of the owner’s property titles. They can also mediate between prospective buyers and target sellers to make the lot acquisition process generally acceptable on both sides. Skip agents can even offer sellers advice on making homes more attractive to potential buyers, particularly those distressed or abandoned properties.

4. Other Essential Functions of Skip Agents:

· Organize gathered data according to the level of information (basic, intermediate, and highly sensitive)

· Complements delivery services to customers through locating addresses and contact details.

· Trace or locate missing persons of their new addresses for product delivery, debt collection, and subpoena

· Compare private information with available public databases

Even if you can’t provide the previous address and contact numbers, skip agents can still find the target person, though it certainly takes time. But it’s still a good idea to provide whatever information is available to use as a search trail. Keep in mind that any skip tracing service company won’t guarantee 100% search results in all cases because the result depends on the availability of data found in online sources, social media sites, and public databases.

The success rate of skip tracing depends on the amount of information you can provide at the beginning of the search work. There are situations where the target person changes the name. But skip agents can still find the person as long as they follow their trail through frequent updates of online sources and specific matching of details of the person involved from directories and online form.

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